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Always Central

Always Central

  • Transform complicated web site paths into ONE click.
  • Your favorite destinations are one click away. Say goodbye to memorization and ugly bookmark menus.
  • Central dashboard is identical on any device. You won’t need to download a mobile app.

Custom Buckets

  • Name your categories (buckets) and collect favorites such as web sites, videos, social media groups, etc.
  • Visualize your destinations. Fumbling around is history!
  • Label what’s important to you and file what’s not.
Custom Buckets
Share Buckets

Share Buckets

  • You want to share your wonderful Internet destination finds.
  • Contribute your favorite buckets or keep them private.
  • Creators who share their collections want your support. Dig around these original buckets and tell your friends.
  • You too could share your buckets with other people. Share with only your group or the entire World!

Control Data

  • Someday you may choose to leave Full Sort. Our FREE bookmark exporter makes this simple.
  • Your data should always be private at your discretion.
  • Full Sort is developing useful tools to help find and organize data on your terms.
Control Data

Simple Navigation

Simple Navigation
Use our browser extension or enter links directly into web interface.

Top Notch Collections

Are you looking to learn something inspiring or indulge yourself with interesting diversions? Take a look at some popular buckets full of curated Internet destinations.

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Fantastic Features

Search Data

Instantly search your own warehouse of stored information. Rapidly find what you need.

Custom Buckets

Organize your categories (buckets). Then collect favorite web sites, videos, social media posts, etc.

Central Panel

Visualize your destinations with Full Sort's dashboard. Fumbling around is history.

Favorites Ready

Label what's important to you and file what's not. You are the curator.

Identical Interface

Access your dashboard from any device (phone, tablet or desktop). There's nothing to install.

Import / Export

Easily import bookmarks. Even better, leave Full Sort with ease. Just click and your bookmarks are neatly exported to your device.

Immediate Access

All of your important sites are front and center. Click once. Land there.

Single Clicks

Complicated website paths narrowed. Cut down on the number of clicks to just one.

Share Privately

Share buckets with your friends, family or co-workers. Create a central place of interest.

Share Curations

Are you proud of your bucket? Share your bucket curation with the World.

Bucket Subscriptions

Do you appreciate certain buckets or bucket authors? Subscribe to buckets.

Feedback Wanted

Want a specific feature? Please let us know!

Rapid Bookmark Search

Need to find your destinations fast? Enter keywords to instantly find long forgotten destinations!