Full Sort is your free start page and bookmark organizer

Same on all devices. There’s nothing to install. Designed for people who just want authentic simplicity.

Why do I want this? I’m fine.

Instant access to what you think is important. Choose your favorites.

Spreadsheets are awesome

Browser bookmark managers are wonderful

I don’t use the Internet really

Multiple tabs are cool

I just remember where to go

Two sets of bookmarks is quite effective

Scattered links is better than a central start page

Doing the same thing over and over is stimulating

Depending on large corporations is smart

Clicking on the demo button will take lots of my time

What’s the catch? You just want my information


Declutter your life online

There’s almost nothing to learn. Just enjoy our free service.

Instantly search your own warehouse of stored information. Rapidly find what you need. This is your data and not ours.

Custom buckets

Organize your categories (buckets). Then collect your favorite web sites, videos, news articles, etc.

Central panel

Visualize your destinations with Full Sort’s dashboard. Fumbling around complicated bookmark menus is history.

Drag and drop

Easily sort your start page and individual buckets. Just drag and drop.


Label what’s important to you and file what’s not. You are the curator.

Identical interface

Access your start page and bookmark organizer from any device including (mobile, tablet or desktop). There’s nothing to install.

The List continues…

Wait what? There’s more?

Yes, and enjoy all features FREE

Import or export

Easily import bookmarks. Even better, leave Full Sort with ease. Just click and your bookmarks are neatly exported to your device.

Immediate access

All of your important sites are front and center. Click once. Land there.

Single clicks

Complicated website paths narrowed. Cut down on the number of clicks to just one.

Share privately

Share buckets with your friends, family or co-workers. Create a central place of interest for your group.

Share curations

Are you proud of your bucket? Share your bucket curation with the world. Want to stay hidden and private? No problem!

Bucket subscribe

Do you appreciate certain buckets or bucket authors? Subscribe to buckets.

Real world benefits

Fix Stuff

Plan Trips

Plan Projects

Retain Learning

Keep Recipes

Finish Work

Reduce Clicks

Aid Passions

One Interface

Click the demo button. You won’t be asked to sign up and will immediately be able to play around within our system. You could watch our video too!