About Us

The Internet is a fascinating place! Unfortunately, navigating is not always easy due to a disjointed patchwork of information gathering tools. Attempting to remember a complicated website address or where a particular video clip is located is quite annoying. Web browser bookmarks easily become long lists of links sorted haphazardly.

Search engines are useful for seeking obscure information but hardly helpful for finding destinations you once loved. Similarly, websites that hold needed information sometimes contain complicated menus to arrive at needed information. Remembering exactly where within an organization’s website to pay a bill can be downright unpleasant.

Full Sort started out of frustration from information overload. We built a better way to transport your eyes directly to the Information you need. Your ultra-simple start page to the Internet is personalized through your own curation. Just add your most important destinations to your bucket collection and you are done. The next time you need to quickly visit a digital destination just click once. Live a carefree day without searching, typing or remembering where you have been before.

People are encouraged to be themselves. Some will want their buckets to remain hidden from prying eyes, while others show their affection through sharing. Have you ever found a restaurant or travel destination that’s unbelievably marvelous? On average, people love to share positive experiences with passion because it feels good to make fellow humans happy.

Over time, we will continue to add features that the majority of community member’s request. We look forward to making Internet navigation a better place for all.