The Good

The blue arrow above is pointing towards dots which means there’s more information to be shown. The reader just needs to hover their mouse over the description and the description will expand for easier reading. Make your description as long as you want!

The green arrow above is pointing towards a short and effective title. Feel free to write a title more than two words as long as the title is not wider than the box where the title is placed. Title length is not a rule; however, if you want your bucket to become public this is highly recommended.

The Bad

The two purple arrows show long titles that are not visually friendly. Delete a few words or change the title completely using your creativity. A crisp catchy title is easier for your subscribers to understand. Moreover, a title that’s short and snd simple, pleases your subscribers eye.

The blue arrows display two different Internet destinations without a description. Unfortunately, empty space makes for sad buckets that look stale. Not to mention, an Internet destination without a description makes it harder for your subscriber to recognize what’s in your bucket.