Criteria to Approve Public Buckets

Our criteria for allowing a bucket to become public and added to Full Sort’s curated gallery is below.  Presently, if your bucket is private and lawful then Full Sort does not limit your ability to share with your friends and family. We are a young company and still learning, so Full Sort’s criteria may change at anytime. We love to learn and are hoping you submit content that is interesting and valuable!

Criteria for Approval:

  • Pick a topic that you are truly interested in or retain significant knowledge.  Similarly, if you don’t know a lot about a subject and want to learn more, creating a bucket is an eye-opening experience. As you learn through research, you become further qualified to author buckets on new subjects.
  • Just creating buckets about a topic for the sake of creating buckets is mind numbingly boring. Be honest with yourself and your bucket will reflect your passion.
  • Qualified buckets must have a minimum of 20 Internet destinations. Subscribers enjoy complete buckets full of variety rather than empty buckets with stale contents.
  • Your titles should be short. When cleaning up your bucket for submission be sure to check from a desktop computer and click the 4 column button. Your title should not wrap out of the box (see this example). Think of old school newspaper headlines or articles that you read on websites. The shorter the title the better. Get the reader’s attention but don’t tell the whole story in the title. 
  • There needs to be a description.  Some author’s may use a website’s title which may be found in the html title tags that search engine’s often use. Other author’s may choose to write their own description for more accuracy. Please do not use other content from the Internet destination which could be copyrighted. Your description may be long but, more importantly, should be effective.
  • Your bucket should not be filled with one type of Internet destination.  Using too many YouTube videos or too many web pages is not well rounded. Moreover, using numerous social media sites or only ecommerce sites is not a good idea. Mix it up. Variety is the spice of life!
  • Good looking websites with pleasing design is a substantial plus! A site with only text is fine when the information is overwhelmingly useful. We also love pdfs and spreadsheets with valuable data that fills your bucket with facts. On the other hand, adding a ugly website without useful content is frowned upon. Your subscribers will appreciate websites that include useful information sprinkled with incredible images and supporting video.
  • Don’t just visit a search engine and cut and paste the first 10 results. Look around and learn. Be the curator. Be the editor in the corner office!
  • Your bucket title should only be two words with the first letter of each word capitalized. Here’s an example of good / bad titles and descriptions.
  • The overall bucket description should be thoughtful and carefully written. Take time and read your description out loud to yourself. Rewrite a few times for clear understanding.
  • Stay away from cookie cutter web sites and top 10 pages.  A few are fine if the information is valuable but only a few are recommended. Visit a bunch of these Internet resources and pick the best of the best. Your selections should be handpicked for perfection.
  • Using AI to create content that is useless is not recommended.  Humans excel at distinguishing good information from bad. Our brains are finely tuned to the subtilties of content curation where computers are more binary when reasoning. AI is fine as long as it’s used responsibly rather than as a spamming tool. 
  • Consider who is providing the information. A good example would be “dental care” Internet destinations. I recently searched around the Internet about this topic and found lots of information created by dentists about teeth. Of course, dentists are experts in their field, but when I found reputable third parties uninterested in profit I took notice. On the other side of the coin, please don’t think that dentists providing information are biased. A good deal of their content is quite useful!
  • Consider creating buckets that are well rounded looking at a subject from several angles.  To create an effective bucket, thinking about a topic carefully pushes your mind to its’ limits as you learn more. Try not to add the same types of opinions, websites, videos, etc. that regurgitates the same content. Take a second to think.
  • Take a few moments to look at Full Sort’s curated gallery.  Learn from other successful buckets that you admire.
  • Links back to your own content or content that favors your friends is not advised.   Full Sort gives you credit at the top of your public curated bucket.  We will soon provide a way to inform your bucket subscribers about yourself and/or business.  Curated bucket authors whom create valuable content should be recognized!
  • Public buckets filled with Internet destinations which are subtly or blatantly sending subscribers to advertising is not helpful.
  • Run a spelling check for obvious mistakes.
  • Websites with inappropriate content should not be added to your public bucket.
  • Controversial topic buckets are presently not considered.  In the future, most topics will be fine as we add staff to help with curation decisions.
  • Business or celebrity buckets should include a disclaimer.
  • Business or celebrity buckets should not contain mean or vengeful intent. If you don’t have something nice to say please don’t say it.
  • Copyright and trademark law needs to be followed.